RUSU Wins!

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RUSU Wins!

You asked. We listened. RUSU has achieved a huge number of our priorities throughout 2019. We hope you enjoy!

Extended Library Hours.
All RMIT libraries are now open until 8pm* on weekends until the end of exams. RUSU will continue to advocate for more extended hours study spaces across all campuses.

Brunswick lockers.
Greater access to safe and secure storage, increased locker sizes and numbers at Brunswick, more space for student artwork.

Refresh of Building 57 Cafeteria.
Including more microwaves, more seating, more games and more style! RUSU has also been working with RMIT on improved facilities in Building 56 and 57 including classroom upgrades and escalator refurbishment.

Better access to SAI Global.
Better access to SAI Global standards through the RMIT Library. The Library has doubled the number of SAI Global licences for 2019.

50 Extra PCs.
Available During Study Time, in response to wait times and overcrowding in RMIT's PC labs, RUSU has advocated for access to more computers during exam and assessment time.

More student lockers on campus.
RUSU has been working with RMIT to increase the number of lockers for students, allowing greater access to safe and secure storage. RMIT Property Services has delivered over 450 new lockers across the campuses in 2019.

Queer Lounges.
The Queer Lounges have been refreshed, refurbished and upgraded at Brunswick and Bundoora.

Women's Lounges.
The Women’s Lounges have been refreshed, refurbished and upgraded at Carlton, Brunswick and Bundoora campuses.