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Stress Less

Stress Less with RUSU


RUSU Compass has put together a range of tools and strategies that can help you look after yourself throughout the semester, the exam period and beyond. If you have any suggestion to add to the page or any questions please contact Compass at: compass@rmit.edu.au 


The benefits of mindfulness for our well-being and mental health have been well documented. Practising mindfulness essentially means being present in this moment. Mindfulness can alleviate anxiety and worry for the future, by bringing our focus back to our current situation or task at hand.

- Headspace on YouTube
- Free Mindfulness App: Smiling Mind
- 9 Ways To De-Stress
- 50 Ways to Take a Break 
- Box Breathing Instructions 
- How to make a Vision Board
- Sleeping Hacks
- Meditation & Healing (YouTube)
- Zen Sound Meditation
- Creative Visualisation Meditation
- Healing Meditation
- Smiling Mind
- This Way Up

Calm Activities

Finding the right calming activity for you is an individual experience. Once you find something that works for you - use it! Calming activities can help us feel more grounded, as we are bringing our awareness away from our stressed mind and into our body. These activities engage and distract our minds, allowing us to enter a trance-like flow. Try one of the activities below, and see how it feels!

- How to make a Gratitude Journal
- Word Search
- Sudoku (Easy)
- DIY Body Scrubs
- Learn how to garden
- Therapy Dogs
- Catalyst: Student Magazine
- RUSU Arts & Crafts Video
- Calm

Chilled Playlists

- Calm Focus (Spotify)
- Deep Focus (Spotify)
- Study & Chill Lofi Hiphop (Spotify)
- All Nighter (Spotify)


Eat Well for Wellbeing

Physical Health is an important aspect of our holistic well-being. Eating well can support our brain function and ability to make decisions. There is a double bonus to this activity, as cooking can also be a useful strategy to distract ourselves from stress and worry.

- Healthy Food Swaps
- Snacks and Smoothies
- Meal Prep Ideas
- Healthy on a Budget
- Realfoods Cooking Videos
- Weekly Meal Planner
- RUSU Beyond Mi Goreng Cookbook
- How to Make Carrot Top Pesto  
- RUSU Garden at Home Videos


Creativity has proven benefits on our wellbeing - even if you don't see yourself as creative, making time to enjoy drawing, painting, singing, dancing, writing or crafts makes us feel better and is a great way of communicating about difficult topics. Check out these creative wellbeing artworks, activities and resources created by RMIT Students just like you! 

- Free ACMI Membership
- RMIT First Site Gallery
- Melbourne Book Club Meetup
- Coepio Healing Arts
- Visit the Affirmation Exchange 
- Video Affirmations
- Creative Wellbeing Zine "Day by Day"
- Creative Wellbeing Online Game "Life in Progress"
- Creative Wellbeing Mini Documentary Series "Oruko Yoruba"



Connection with peers is so important for our wellbeing. There are loads of online spaces for connection, but there are also lots of opportunities to be together face–to–face! See below for both online and face–to–face resources: 

- RUSU Facebook
- RUSU Instagram
- RUSU Events  
- RUSU Clubs
- RMIT Clubs & Collectives
- Melbourne Meet–Ups
- RUSU Queer Department   
- Ngarara Willim Centre 

Where to go for help...


The counselling service is still open and is providing student Skype or phone call appointments. Book online here for a free appointment:


RMIT Connect is providing financial support including cash grants and vouchers to students experiencing extreme financial crisis. To access this book an appointment with a Student Welfare Advisor to discuss the support you may be eligible for.   https://www.rmit.edu.au/students/support-and-facilities/student-support/finance/financial-support-assistance    




Compass is a free support for all RMIT Students. Compass Coordinators are trained social workers who can provide you support, referral information and advice on a range of issues. At the moment, we have been speaking to lots of students regarding issues such as financial hardship, voucher support, mental health, study support and housing issues. Please email us at compass@rmit.edu.au to contact us Monday to Thursday 10:00am—4:00pm.


RUSU hosts free food events on every RMIT campus, each week during term time. Grab a free breakfast on your way to class, or pop past Chill N Grill for a lunchtime sausage.

Visit the RUSU Free Food Events web page

Ask Izzy
Ask Izzy is a website that allows you to easily search for the support you need.

  • Step 1. Simply choose the kind of support you are looking for (e.g., food).
  • Step 2. Enter your post code.
  • Step 3. Find a service for you from the list provided.
Visit the Ask Izzy Website


Some of the following telephone numbers may be busy at the moment. If you find yourself waiting on hold, hang up and try again, or hang up and try a different helpline. Lifeline and Beyond Blue are available 24 hours a day. RMIT Urgent Mental Health Support is an after hours service. In the event of an emergency, phone 000 straight away. 

  • Lifeline: 13 11 14 

  • Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636 

  • RMIT After Hours Urgent Mental Health Support: 
    Call:  1300 305 737  
    Text:  0488 884 162  


If you are an RMIT student currently overseas and require medical, security or other emergency assistance, help is available to you.

  • RMIT International SOS (24/7): +61 2 9372 2468
  • Medibank Student Health and Support Line (24/7): +61 2 8905 0307
  • The Department of Foreign Affairs: +61 2 6261 3305