Have you been excluded from your program?

Show Cause & Exclusion

Show Cause

Show Cause Info Pack For Students
Examples of Documentary Evidence

Recommended for Exclusion

Exclusion Info Pack for Students
Examples of Documentary Evidence
Preparing for a Hearing

This information is for you if you did not submit a Show Cause to your School or your School has rejected your Show Cause letter.
Exclusion means that your enrolment in your program is cancelled for 12 months and you need to re-apply the following year to get in.
There is no guarantee that your School will accept you back into your program.
You will receive an email from RMIT’s Academic Registrar stating that your School is recommending your exclusion. You will be given 20 WORKING DAYS to lodge an appeal to the University Appeals Committee. 
Please contact RUSU to find out about the Information Sessions we are running to assist students through this process.  
Please refer to the Information kit below for step-by-step guidance on how to put an appeal together.

Additional Resources

Appealing Against Exclusion Leaflet - Arabic

Appealing Against Exclusion Leaflet - Chinese

Appealing Against Exclusion Leaflet - Hindi

Being Excluded From Your Program - Appealing

Pre SR's Appointment Check List

Show Cause Info - Arabic

Show Cause Info - Chinese

Show Cause Info - Hindi

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