Have you been unfairly assessed?

Appeals Against Assessment

Appeals Against Assessment

If you disagree with a grade you have received because you believe there is a problem with how the university assessed your work, you are able to lodge an Appeal Against Assessment (AAA) provided certain threshold conditions are met.

  1.  course results have been published
  2.  informal review has been sought
  3.  a specified ground has been identified
  4.  a supporting statement has been prepared
  5.  the official form has been completed
  6.  steps 2 to 5 above are lodged with your College within 20 days of publication of results

When considering whether or not to proceed with an AAA, it is important that you understand the aim of all assessment is to objectively measure student achievement of learning outcomes. Hence, successful appeals are those in which it is demonstrated that the cause of the lower than expected grade is due to a deficiency on the part of the university, and not due to shortcomings on the part of the student.

The Student Rights service at RUSU conducts group information sessions for students considering pursuing the AAA process, and all interested students are encouraged to ring RUSU front counters (see bottom of this page) to book in for a session.

Important Resources

PDF: RUSU Step by Step Guide to AAA 

Website: RMIT Assessment and Assessment Flexibility Policy

PDF: Assessment Processes April 2020