RUSU Volunteers do it better


Want to make new friends while making a difference? Volunteering at RUSU gives you a chance to develop new skills and socialise with fellow students as you gain practical experience in a supported environment.  Take a chance to do something different as you expand your social and professional networks. All skills developed through volunteering can assist you in preparing for paid work outside of uni – win, win! 

After you attend a RUSU induction session, you will be able to express interest in volunteering areas that best suit and interest you. We have huge interest in our volunteer program, and as such unfortunately won’t be able to accommodate every request or place every budding volunteer. However, we will try our best to help find you a volunteer role within one (or more) of our volunteer departments.

In addition to department-specific induction and on-the-job orientation, RUSU offers accredited training vital to your specific volunteer role.  After five hours of training and fifteen hours of volunteer work you will receive recognition of your RUSU volunteering on your RMIT academic transcript and a letter from the university outlining your volunteering achievements.


Meaningful Volunteering Opportunities


 Make Friends

Expand your social life beyond what you ever thought possible.

 Make Opportunities

Enhance your employability by learning valuable skills.

 Make a Difference

Support fellow students as you learn more about RUSU's work.

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