The RMIT Student Union is a body run for and by students. The Student Union works to represent students, promote their interests, and provide important services on campus. It is made up by a number of departments run by student representatives - you can see your current RUSU reps and get in contact here .


The RUSU Activities and Events Department is here to make your university experience as much fun as you can possibly handle! The department is run by two staff members and an elected student representative. We have so many exciting events planned! Keep your eyes peeled on campus for our event posters and LED screens, and be sure to follow RUSU on social media, to find out what is happening near you!

Your RUSU Activities Officer

Amandi Peiris



The RUSU Bundoora Department is dedicated to enhancing the campus community and engagement. Bundoora possesses immense potential that deserves recognition, and we aim to provide the attention it deserves. As an active department within RUSU, our focus lies in advocating for student rights, improving spaces, and fostering a strong sense of community. Our campus is buzzing with regular events such as Chill N Grill, Free Healthy Breakfasts, Pop Up Pubs, and more! If you spot us on campus, don't hesitate to approach us and say hello! For any inquiries, student concerns, or ideas to enhance campus life, feel free to email and we will gladly arrange a meeting with you.

Your RUSU Bundoora Officers

Dulan Ariyatilaka, Bundoora Coordinator
Nidhi Bhatnagar, Bundoora East Representative
Keenan Dinh, Bundoora West Representative

Bundoora Info Counter: Building 202, Level 2


Welcome, talented and creative Fashion & Textiles Students, to the RUSU Brunswick Department! Our vibrant and multicultural campus, dedicated to Fashion and Textiles, offers a spacious study area that sparks creativity, making Brunswick a comfortable and enjoyable space for work and relaxation. This year, our focus at RUSU Brunswick is on improving campus community and student engagement through a variety of exciting events specifically designed for Fashion and textiles students, both on and off campus. If you have any questions, student concerns, or ideas to enhance campus life, don't hesitate to email us and we will be more than happy to arrange a meeting with you.

Your RUSU Brunswick Officers

Vaani Saraswat, Brunswick Coordinator
Olivia McQuie, Brunswick Coordinator

Bundoora Info Counter: Building 514

Disabilities & Carers

Welcome to the Disabilities and Carers Department! We are here to advocate for disabled students and carers on campus, and to represent you when it counts. Sometimes, life on campus at RMIT isn't geared up for students living with a disability, and we are trying to make that better for everyone, and to create a sense of belonging on campus. Pop by and say Hi sometime, or feel free to message us anytime.

Your RUSU Disabilities & Carers Officer

Samuel Coombs


The Education department at RMIT University is dedicated to both the quality of your education and advocating for better government policies in higher education. Our primary goal is to ensure that students are actively involved and well-informed about issues that directly impact their education, for which they invest substantial resources. Collaborating closely with RUSU's Campaigns Officer and Student Rights Officers, the Education Officer addresses RMIT policy matters affecting students, such as Assessment policy, special consideration, and group work, among others. With an unwavering commitment, the Education Department strives to secure the best possible education for you, advocating for fairer assessments, exams, special consideration, and other crucial aspects of your academic journey.

Your RUSU Education Officer

Koushik Mukherjee


Here, we celebrate our First Nation People at RMIT! The Indigenous Department was established in 2018, and aims to provide First Nation students a safe and wonderful University experience, and promote self education amongst Non-First Nation people.

Your RUSU Indigenous Officers

Ruby Kelly-Guthrie
Tiah Worley



The International Students department is for local and international students to come together and make lifelong friends. We provide social events to help you meet new people and improve important skills. We also want to hear about any issues, concerns or ideas you might have, because it is our job to communicate your needs to RMIT and try to create positive change.Need help? RUSU can give you free, confidential advice, assistance and representation for issues such as making a complaint, failing an assessment, unfair fees, being sick or in a crisis during an assessment, bullying, harassment, and many other issues.

Your RUSU International Officer

Ada Haiting Lu


We are dedicated to supporting all postgraduate students throughout their studies at RMIT. With a diverse cohort of approximately 10,000 postgraduates from various disciplines across campuses, RUSU aims to provide a well-balanced university experience by organising postgrad-specific events. These events include workshops, seminars, and enjoyable social gatherings to ensure that postgrad students can be included in university life and have opportunities to socialise. Recognising that postgrad life can sometimes be isolating, the department strives to create a supportive and inclusive community. Additionally, RUSU's Postgraduate department represents the interests of postgrad students and advocates for their concerns through policy advocacy. RUSU is affiliated with the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA), a non-profit organisation that promotes the rights and needs of postgraduate students nationwide.

Your RUSU Postgraduate Officer

Bhuvan Sharma


The Queer Department exists to support and empower students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or are questioning their sexuality. We advocate for the rights and wellbeing of queer students and organise social events both on and off-campus. The department provides safe spaces called "Queer Lounges" where students can freely express themselves without judgment, offering a place to study, relax and meet new people. RMIT has strict policies against any form of harassment, including homophobic bullying, and students experiencing such behaviour are encouraged to reach out to the Queer Officers or Students Rights Officers for support. The department also maintains a private and confidential Facebook group to stay connected, share information about events, and foster connections among members of the collective.

Queer Lounges
  • City, 05.01.12: Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm
  • Bundoora, 202.02.24: Monday to Thursday, 9am – 4pm
  • Brunswick, 514.02: Monday to Thursday, 9am – 4pm
Your RUSU Queer Officer's

Vivienne Balint
Matthew Hayes



We are committed to advocating for environmental issues within RUSU and the larger RMIT community. We organise regular events that promote and assist students in adopting a budget-friendly sustainable lifestyle, while also advocating to the university for the development of sustainable campuses. Realfoods, our on-campus café, supports the goal of promoting an environmentally-friendly university by providing sustainable, healthy, and affordable food. The café is operated by dedicated volunteers, offering an opportunity for individuals passionate about sustainable eating to make friends and receive hands-on training.

Your RUSU Sustainability Officer

Aster Yu

Vocational Education

The Vocational Education Department provides support, activities and events for Vocational Education (VE) and Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) students. Whilst the VE Department is predominately based in the Carlton Campus, the department still provides support to students studying at the Brunswick, Bundoora and City campuses.

Your RUSU Vocational Education Officer

Yoan Theodore


The Welfare Department is dedicated to supporting students through various challenges they may encounter during their time at RMIT. This includes personal issues like financial difficulties and healthcare concerns, as well as advocating for students' welfare in relation to government policies in higher education. The department ensures that students are consulted and informed about matters affecting their well-being. They work closely with the Compass Drop-In Centre, offering information, referrals, and support to students facing significant hardships. RUSU also provides regular events and free services to assist students, and they welcome suggestions for future services to better meet students' needs. 

Your RUSU Welfare Officer

Fin Bray


The Women's Department is a passionate advocate for social, political, and economic equality for women. We strive to challenge gendered power structures and address institutionalised privileges that persist within the university and the broader community. Through organising a variety of events, workshops, activism, and social gatherings, the department creates opportunities for RMIT women to connect, make friends, and receive support during their studies. They offer representation, advocacy, and support on a wide range of issues affecting women. The Women's Department recognises the need for women-only spaces on campus, providing a safe environment for female-identifying students to meet, discuss, and explore ideas independently of patriarchal influences.  The department also offers resources on women's health, on-campus and off-campus services. 

RUSU Women's Rooms
  • City, 10.05.63: Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm
  • Carlton, 56.04.92: Tuesday to Thursday, 9:30am – 4pm
  • Bundoora West, 202.02.25: Monday to Thursday, 9am – 4pm
  • Brunswick, 514.02: Monday to Thursday, 9am – 4pm
Your RUSU Women's Officer

Saumya Sindhu