Get into a club

How to Join a RUSU Club

Joining A RUSU Club Is Easy... Here's How!


While all clubs do things slightly differently, they have one thing in common... they all want YOU as a member! Follow the simple steps below to find out how you can successfully join any club. If you have any difficulty with the steps below, please contact our friendly RUSU Clubs team at , who will be happy to assist you.

Step One: Find A Club

RUSU manages the Clubs Program for the following club types:

RMIT Student Life manages the Clubs Program for the following club types:

To discover ALL student clubs and collectives at RMIT, visit: the RMIT Clubs website .

Step Two: Join!

For info about specific RUSU Clubs, simply navigate to the page of the RUSU Club you are interested in joining. Read the information on the Club page to find out:

  • If there is a membership fee to join (see below).
  • How the Club manages its' membership.

How to join:

  • Click the purple 'Join or Renew' button on the club web page, or follow the joining link on the club page.
  • Log in to the RUSU website, or create an account* (your RMIT login won't work here, as they are different systems).
  • Complete the Club Membership form.
  • If there are problems with the Membership Form, contact the Club directly using the contact information on their page.

Step 3: Renew Each Year!

All RUSU Clubs require members to re-join each year. So, if you want to continue to be a member, you must re-apply.

  • Most RUSU Clubs offer an annual membership starting at the beginning of semester one and valid for 12 months.
  • A few RUSU Clubs offer an annual membership starting in semester two, and valid for 12 months.

It's important to know:

  • Annual membership closes when a club announces its' Annual General Meeting (AGM) and annual leadership team elections.
  • Annual membership re-opens after the club elections are finalised.
  • Memberships also temporarily close if a club holds a by-election.

Step 4: Join RUSU!

You don't have to be a RUSU financial member to join a RUSU Club... but we'd love to represent you as a RUSU member!

If a joining fee is required (see Step 2, above):

  • Pay the Club Membership Fee.
  • Some clubs have an instant payment, while others will email you with payment instructions.
  • When the joining fee is paid, your annual membership will be finalised.
  • If there is no joining fee, you will (usually) become a Member as soon as you submit the Membership Form.

*NOTE: Creating an account on the RUSU website is not the same as joining RUSU as a financial member.