RMIT Ends Deadnaming

Shana Schultz


RUSU is delighted to report that as of 22 September 2023, students enrolled in RMIT University onshore programs no longer need to update their preferred name in canvas manually for it to be shown across canvas and associated platforms.

This is a massive win for inclusion at RMIT and is a step towards identity affirmation for trans and gender non-conforming students. RUSU has campaigned hard for years now, to end deadnaming at RMIT, including advocating for an inclusion to the RMIT Student Name Procedure which now requires staff to use a preferred name in interactions with students. We hope that this procedure will lower the instances of deadnaming and support students to bring their whole selves.

If you have been impacted by deadnaming or queerphobia at RMIT you can get help.
Contact the RUSU Queer Department at rusu.queer@rmit,
or RMIT Safer Community at