How To Make a Complaint?



Got a dispute, problem or concern with someone or something related to RMIT?

You are within your rights to make a complaint as a group or as an individual to RMIT about any aspect of your experience at RMIT.

There is a specific complaints process that needs to be followed. The basic six step process is:

  1. Informal level - Talk to the staff member/individual involved
  2. Take it to a Student Complaint Liaison Officer (SCLO)
  3. Contact Head of Schools and Colleges Pro-Vice Chancellor
  4. Complain investigated by Academic Registrar - Speak to Student Rights
  5. Can be escalted to RMIT Ombudsman if not resolved - Speak to Student Rights
  6. Taken externally to Victorian Ombudsman - Speak to Student Rights


Ombuds At RMIT


Student Discipline

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