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RUSU Compass is currently unable to see students face to face.
We are operating a telephone and email only service.



Compass Drop In Centre is a safe space for students with any questions or concerns.


We are from the RUSU Welfare Department with centres at the City, Bundoora and Brunswick campuses. 

Compass Drop In Centre is a stepping stone for students to information and services within RMIT and out in the community.

At Compass, we are here to support students by offering advice, information and referrals regarding a wide range of psychosocial issues students experience. Being a university student is hard and there are many life stressors that pop up during study. We offer support in areas such as but not limited too mental health, relationship issues, homelessness, financial stress and many more.

How can Compass help?

What do we do? 

Compass is a service that supports RMIT students by offering advice, information and referrals regarding a wide range of issues that students experience during their time at university. Although we cannot see drop-in students at the moment, Compass is still here to help you online. Our Compass staff are trained social workers who can offer you support via email or on the phone.  

What can we help with? 

We can help all students with a range of issues, including mental health, financial stress, relationship issues, homelessness and many more. We can provide you information about other free services within RMIT and out in the community. We are here help and listen. 

Email us at to speak to a Compass Coordinator. We are available Monday to Thursday 10-4pm and will return your email as soon as possible outside of those hours.  

Compass Resources

RUSU Community Resources 

RUSU has compiled a list of resources to help you out if you are struggling. Many of the resources listed below are accessible via telephone, web or email.  

RMIT Counselling

Do you need to talk to a profession about your mental stress or worry? RMIT Counselling is free for all currently enrolled students. There can be a wait for an appointment, please book one ASAP. Book online via the RMIT Connect portal.  

RUSU’s Student Rights

This RUSU service exists to help students understand the rules and processes that affect them at RMIT. We can assist students who might be in distress or experiencing disadvantage, with academic and other university process related issues. 

Visit: or email    

Do You Need Crisis Assistance?

RMIT Urgent Mental Health Support line:

Phone: 1300 305 737

Mobile: 0488 884 162

Do you need housing now?

Get support here

Do you need food now?

Get support here

Compass Events

Important Compass dates throughout the year:  
  • World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2021

  • RUOK? Day, 9th September 2021

  • Stress Less Week, Week 12 of each semester 

  • Compass Marketplace, TBA

  • Calm Zone, Exam period  

Meet the Compass Team

Meet Jenna and Thea - Qualified Social workers  

Jenna works at the city campus drop-in centre (Monday-Thursday), however we are currently working remotely and communicating with students via email. 

Thea works at the Brunswick Campus (Monday & Tuesday) and Bundoora Campus (Wednesday & Thursday)  however we are currently working remotely and communicating with students via email.

Volunteer with Compass

We love our Compass Vollies! 

Unfortunately RUSU is not currently able to offer volunteer positions, Keep an eye on our social media though, because as soon as we can reopen the volunteer program we will! 

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Chrishell is our current Welfare Representative  and is well experienced as she was also our Rep in 2020. Weechat has been a great way for international students, (but open to all students) to connect with her and ask questions or seek support.

Search: Chrishell-Y