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Special Consideration

Special Consideration

Special Consideration is available to ensure that you are assessed fairly when you have been sick or experienced other issues such as personal problems that have had an impact on your ability to study.  If your application is successful, your School or Department can make changes to your assessment.

Make sure you apply on time! Your application must be submitted no later than 2 working days after the assessment due date.

Students can apply online through the special consideration tab in myRMIT which will ensure applications are processed more quickly. However if you do so please make sure you keep a copy of everything you submit in a place you can access easily later on. You will get a record of what you entered online sent to your email, but this email record you receive won't include the actual documents you upload as attachments. You may wish to email those documents to special consideration as a reply to their email to you acknowledging your online submission so that you have the actual uploaded documents in your sent folder for future reference. Alternatively (don't do this in addition to an online application), you can lodge an application by emailing a scan of your form, your statement, and all supporting documentation to special.consideration@rmit.edu.au This way you will have a copy in your sent folder of everything you submitted in case you need to refer to it later, however it will take special consideration longer to process your application. 


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