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RUSU is proud to represent the needs of a unique, ever-changing and diverse student body at RMIT. Our Clubs and Societies (C&S) Department is dedicated to helping students explore their social, professional, political, spiritual and cultural identities by supporting a wide array of campus clubs. Each club is run by RMIT students for RMIT students and is open for membership to all RMIT students who support the club's aims and objectives. 

How to Start a New RUSU Club

RUSU has two intakes of new clubs each year - a start of year (calendar year clubs) intake and a mid-year (mid-year clubs) intake. Each affiliation period lasts for 2 Semesters.  Clubs must re-affiliate every year. Club members must re-join their club/s for the next club affiliation period. New Club applications are now open for 2018. If you are interested in starting a new RUSU club for 2018, please read the information below.

There is a three step process to start a new RUSU club:
1. A RMIT student emails us at with a brief outline of their new club idea. We provide initial feedback on the idea and, if we think the idea has the potential to be a successful RUSU club, offer any suggestions we may have to improve the idea. We will direct new club ideas to RMIT Creative (formerly LINK Arts) or RMIT Sports if it is better suited to those areas. 
2. The student then finds another three (3) RMIT students to add their names to the online application for Provisional Affiliation. The application also requires the proposed club's name, its' aims and an outline of its' activities/events - what the club would actually do. 
3. If the application is approved, the Provisionally Affiliated club then needs to sign up at least 20 RMIT student members. Once it has the minimum 20 RMIT student members, it can call and hold its' Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) to formalise the new club. The club's newly elected Board of Management then prepares the Minutes of that meeting,  fills out some more paperwork and meets with their RUSU Clubs Officer to finalise the club's Inaugural Full Affiliation. We have templates for the IGM, a Model Constitution etc. 
NOTE: Timelines apply. Clubs must re-affiliate every year. 
For more info, see the Guide below. 

1. Download and read the 'How to Start a RUSU Affiliated Club' Guide


2. Email Us at