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Student Rights

Our Student Rights Officers provide in-person and online appointments.

Please telephone 03 9925 1842 or email if you would like to book an appointment with a Student Rights Officer.

Please note: Wearing a face mask is mandatory during the face-to-face meetings.

RUSU’ s Student Rights service exists to help students understand the rules and processes that affect them at RMIT, be assertive and respectful about seeking outcomes through interactions with RMIT staff, and when necessary advocate on their behalf to the university. We have seven professionals who are qualified and experienced in assisting students who might be in distress or experiencing disadvantage, with academic and other university process related issues.

Important Information:

Appeal Against Assessment

Webpage: Appeal Against Assessment
PDF: RUSU Step by Step Guide to AAA

Show Cause

Webpage: Show Cause Information
Download PDF: Show Cause Info Pack For Students
Download PDF: Show Cause and Exclusion Info Flyer
Download PDF: Examples of Documentary Evidence


Web Page: Exclusion Information
Download PDF: Exclusion Info Pack For Students
Download PDF: Appeal Against Exclusion
Download PDF: Show Cause and Exclusion Info Flyer
Download PDF: Examples of Documentary Evidence
Download PDF: Preparing For A Hearing

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While RUSU is the heart of student life, RUSU is also here for when you need help.

Low Completion Rate

A low completion rate is a fail rate of more than 50 per cent of the attempted courses, after attempting eight or more courses in a bachelor level or higher program, or four or more courses in an Associate Degree program.

  Special Consideration

When health or other life circumstances interfere with your ability to complete an assessment on time it helps to know the criteria and process the university uses to decide if you should be given flexibility.

  Academic Progress

Students who repeatedly fail courses can be asked to justify keeping their place in their program - Student Rights Officers can help you through this process .


Being accused of misconduct can be a stressful and scary process for some, but Student Rights Officers are there to support you, answer your questions and help get the best outcome possible.


Not everything always goes to plan at RMIT - sometimes lodging a complaint becomes necessary when students aren’ t being treated fairly or reasonably. Student Rights Officers are experts in what you should include and how the process operates.

For further information please view these Student Rights resources: 

Appeals Against Assessment
Show Cause & Exclusion 
Special Consideration

You can get in touch with a Student Rights Officer by booking an appointment at one of RUSU’ s front counters:

  • City: Building 12,  Level 4
  • Carlton: Building 57, Level 4
  • Brunswick: Building 514, Level 1
  • Bundoora:  Building 202,  Level 2

Alternatively, you can email us at