RUSU Priority Goal: A New Prayer Facility at RMIT

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RUSU Priority Goal: A New Prayer Facility at RMIT

RUSU have been campaigning hard at RMIT for better prayer facilities for students. View the timeline below for how and when we aim to deliver this service to our students. View the timeline poster here - we are currently at stage 7 in the process - very near completion!

STAGE 1: New Prayer Facilities Needed. In 2018, the RMIT Islamic Students Society, students, staff and RUSU feedback to RMIT, identifying the need for a new prayer facility. One that is larger, and with disability access.

STAGE 2: RMIT recognises the concerns as legitimate.

STAGE 3: Consultation group with Islamic Society, RUSU President, RMIT Wellbeing and Inclusion and Chaplaincy.

STAGE 4: In principal agreement to explore options for a new site.

STAGE 5:Multiple site options identified and suitability tested.

STAGE 6:Preferred site location identified and costed for project funding submission.

STAGE 7:RMIT identifies new prayer space as a project to be considered for 2020 funding. WE ARE CURRENTLY AT THIS STAGE.

STAGE 8:Tender process (pending financial approval).

STAGE 9: Construction commences (pending financial approval).