Beyond Mi Goreng Booklet Is Back

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Beyond Mi Goreng Booklet Is Back

Hello and welcome to the RMIT Student Union’s 5th edition of our beloved booklet, Beyond Mi Goreng!

We know that the transition to university life can be challenging in more ways than one, so this booklet aims to provide you with easy recipes and helpful tips on how to live your healthiest and best life.

Now, in order to maintain your health & wellbeing AND to optimise your academic performance, it’s super important to have a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Easier said than done, right? With late nights, irregular schedules, work commitments, and tight budgets, it’s often challenging and overwhelming to make the right food choices. And this is where RUSU has your back…

In this edition of Beyond Mi Goreng, we provide healthy meal prep ideas and recipes that will keep your body happy without breaking your bank account. We also discuss nutritional and wellness habits to incorporate into your busy university life (guaranteed to work)! Also included are articles on how to introduce more plant-based foods into your life, how to make easy and healthy food swaps, and low budget items that should be included in all student pantries. We discuss the importance of buying local food and include an extensive list of Melbourne’s local market scene. You’re welcome.

We hope that you enjoy this booklet and are able to take away some healthy tips and habits from it. It’s time to get inspired and take control of your health!

Bon Appetite,

DOWNLOAD PDF (3.3 MB): Beyond Mi Goreng: Budget friendly recipes and cooking tips.