RMIT Vegan Club

The RMIT Vegan Club hopes to offer events and a discussion, learning, & friendship space for RMIT vegans, vegetarians and anyone interested in taking steps towards any positive change.


The RMIT Vegan Club is a brand new RUSU club .
The aims of the Club are:
1. Respectfully and peacefully provide education about ethical, health and environmental reasons behind veganism, as well as how to take steps towards veganism.
2. Provide support for vegetarians and others who are interested in transitioning to reducing and eliminating animal products.
3. Provide social events for club members to meet other like-minded individuals.
4. Improve vegan options on campus by running BBQs, food events and helping the university get more vegan options.
The Club has a $5 annual membership fee for RMIT students and $10 annual membership fee for all others. Please contact us to enquire about membership.
Until the club email is back on line (problems due to the change to Outlook) please email us via our Secretary, Kiera at or contact us through our Facebook page.