Society for Women In Information TeCHnology RMIT SWITCH

RMIT SWITCH offers a supportive and encouraging community of women sharing their passion in all things tech.


RMIT SWITCH provides an accessible and comfortable environment where we can gather together, meet new people and share our experiences.
Membership is not only open to women enrolled in Computer Science, Information Technology and Software Engineering degrees but also to any female or female identifying RMIT students from other academic disciplines who may have an interest in learning more about technology.
Throughout the year we hold a variety of events which focus on social, career and technical development opportunities for our members.
Membership is free - please use the "join or re-join" button on this page
If you'd like to get in touch, please contact us through our email address below.
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We also have a Facebook Group - link at top right of this page

RUSU Clubs Department notice - SWITCH membership is only open to females and female identifying RMIT students.
This is consistent with Section 88, the "special needs" provisions, of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (VIC).