Social Work Alliance Project (SWAP)

RMIT SWAP is a student group for Social Work students and teaching staff that aims to nurture forms of community, collaboration, care, change, and consciousness-raising related to challenging structural oppression and manifesting forms of social justice.


Social Work Alliance Project (SWAP) is a student group that aims to:

  • nurture intergenerational community and movements among Social Work students, teaching staff, practitioners, and service users,
  • challenge and transform oppressive systems and institutions by putting voices of people with lived experience at the forefront,
  • create space where Social Work students and teaching staff, service users, and community members can collaborate and brainstorm with one another on initiatives related to social justice and be supported,
  • raise awareness to Social Work students and teaching staff, service users, community members, and practitioners on how they are active beneficiaries, perpetrators, and victims of intersecting oppressive systems related to their social positioning,
  • collaborate and form mutual partnerships with similarly minded collectives invested in achieving forms of sustainable social justice,
  • facilitate critical dialogue on how social work and the not-for-profit sector enacts and sustains forms of oppression, and how this can be changed.

We're always eager to nurture members' ideas for events or actions. If you have anything you'd like to share or brainstorm over - please connect with us!

To contact us directly, please connect with us through our Facebook group