SOMA (Student Osteopathic Medicine Association)

Student Osteopathic Medicine Association is an academic club for RMIT students studying Osteopathy

Student Osteopathic Medicine Association is an academic/social club for RMIT students who are studying Osteopathy. We as a club pride ourselves in providing a positive University experience for every student apart of the Osteopathic cohort.

**Our Club Aims:**

  1. To provide students of the Osteopathy program an enjoyable university experience in their 5 years at RMIT
  2. To provide networking opportunities to enable students to develop their professional links
  3. To provide a social aspect to the course, helping students network internally and develop food relationships with other students of the cohort
  4. To provide a support base for students so that they have students from not only their year level but older/younger year levels to lean on in tough times
  5. To encourage a positive affiliation with university and to encourage students to attend more in person

**Annual Social Events**

Each year we pride ourselves on providing students events to interact and grow new friendships that last a lifetime.

Some of these events include:

  • Camp
  • Ball
  • VU/RMIT Boat Cruise
  • RMIT Allied Health bash

**Workshop/Networking Opportunities**

We aim to provide students with professional development outside of the course itself so that if students wish to do so they can upskill themselves at minimal financial cost! This also provides students with opportunities to meet industry professionals and develop relationships for when they look to graduate.

The club membership fee is $25 for Full members.

Sign up as a member at