Get Involved with the Socialists

Socialist Alternative (SA) Club


RMIT Socialist Alternative Club is the left-wing activist club on campus. We are a group of socialist and anti-capitalist students who are involved in fighting for social justice and against inequality and oppression.

The club holds public discussions on a regular basis for members and interested students who want to learn more about socialist ideas and contemporary political issues, and have campaign stalls and working groups throughout the semester. We're constantly involved in promoting rallies and discussing socialist and anti-capitalist politics, as well as a number of different left-wing issues including: climate justice, LGBTI rights, women's rights, refugee rights, fighting racism, fighting inequality and more


Interested in getting involved? Check us out on Facebook or give us a call or text on 0430 452 366.




Bored sitting at home all day? Frustrated with capitalism not giving a shit about ordinary people so it can prioritise profits? Now is the time to become an organised socialist.

We're running discussion groups to bring together people from all over Australia to discuss Marx's understanding of capitalism, crisis, and revolutionary socialism. 

To be able to read up beforehand so you can come in with your own questions and thoughts, you can get the Introducing Marxism book here:…/pro…/introducing-marxism-ebook