Roleplay and Tabletop Society

The Roleplay and Tabletop Society (R&TS) is dedicated to Tabletop Roleplay, Wargaming and Modelling.

Brand new for 2023, come join us!
R&TS is the club for RMIT students interested in TTRPGs, Wargaming, and Scale Modelling. Whether you're into the popular games, the ones that are a bit more niche, or you just like to build and paint models, R&TS aims to provide a space for it all!

Meetings & Events
We hold weekly meetings on during semester for casual games, hobby crafting and hanging out. We also plan to hold more dedicated events such as Organised RPG Play, Miniature Gaming Tournaments and Painting Sessions!

How do I join in?
Club Membership is free and open to 18+ members. Sign up here!
Otherwise you are still welcome to join our Discord community and get in touch with us online!