Green Building Student Association

RMIT GBSA is an academic club for Master of Energy Efficient & Sustainable Building students and everyone else with a passion for sustainability!

The aims of the RMIT Green Building Student Association are:

  1. To provide opportunities for RMIT Master of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building (MEESB) students to socialise and support each other outside of class
  2. To provide opportunities for members to network and make industry connections
  3. To spread awareness of the importance of sustainability in the built environment

Outline of Activities:

  • Social events for members to connect and have fun outside of class
  • Study and information sessions where members can study together and offer peer-to-peer support
  • Industry talks, networking sessions, site visits etc. where students can meet graduates and other experts from our industry who can share their experiences, especially on how to position yourselves in the industry following graduation
  • Opportunities to share ideas and experiences on sustainability while building up your networks
  • Spread awareness on the importance of sustainability in the built environment (on social media, guest speakers, participation in relevant School of PC&PM events, Welcome Days etc.)

Annual membership is free and open to all to all RMIT Students. 2024 membership is now open. If you haven't joined or need to renew for 2024, please use the link in the menu. 

To join: please use the link in the menu at right.