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Welcome to the Women's Department!

Are you passionate about social, political and economic equality for women? Do you want to play a part in overcoming gendered powered structures and combating institutionalized privileges that still exist in university and the community at large? If so, get involved with RUSU’s Women’s Department!

The Women’s Department organises events, workshops, activism, and fun on and off campus for RMIT women. We create opportunities for you to meet lots students from both on and off campus, make friends and be supported while studying at RMIT. The department provides representation, advocacy, support, activities and campaigns on a wide variety of issues that affect all women.

In a world where women are still fighting for economic, political and social equality, RUSU’s Women’s Department recognizes the importance of providing women-only spaces across RMIT campuses as as a safe place for women to meet, discuss and explore their ideas separate from dominant patriarchal structures.

Women’s Rooms exist across campuses (including Carlton, Brunswick and Bundoora West and East) as a safe space for all female-identifying students. Whether you are interested in a relaxing place to sit down, looking for social gatherings, discussing experiences and ideas or are interested in organising campaigns on campus, there is something in the spaces for everyone! The space is used by women of all colours, religions and backgrounds and we encourage discussion between the women who use the rooms to help better understand each other.

Facilities in the Women’s Rooms include (free!) coffee and tea, tampons, pads, dams and condoms, and access to the fridge, microwave, couches, computer and television. There is information on women’s health, services for women both on and off campus, sexual and reproductive health, and fun stuff to get active and involved in. We also have a women’s library full of books and magazines!

This year, the Women’s Department will be running film nights, social events, discussion groups, educational programs, nights out and more!

Women's Rooms

Women's Rooms are safe spaces on campus for female identifying students to meet, relax, organise and socialise.




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Your RUSU Women's Officer for 2023

Akshita Agrawal

Women's Officer