Looking out for all students

Welfare Department

Welcome to the Welfare Department!

The Welfare department is here to support you through issues you may face during your time as a student. This may include personal issues such as financial hardship or health care whilst also considering the broader government policies around higher education and student welfare. This department aims to make sure students are consulted and informed on issues that affect their welfare.

The Welfare Department works closely with the Compass Drop In Centre in supporting students as well as advocating on behalf of students experiencing significant hardships. The Compass Drop In Centre is an information and referrals service for RMIT students experiencing life difficulties who want to know where to go to resolve them. To find out more about the welfare services that Compass provides, please visit the Compass page.

We know that students face a lot of hardship. RUSU tries to help out in any small way that we can by providing regular events and free services for our students. If there is any particular service that you think we could provide in the future, please contact the Welfare Officer, at rusu.welfare@rmit.edu.au




Your RUSU Welfare Officer for 2023

Amelia Cotsanis

Welfare Officer