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Vocational Education Department

Welcome to the Vocational Education Department

The Vocational Education Department provides support, activities and events for Vocational Education (VE) and Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) students. Whilst the VE Department is predominately based in the Carlton Campus, the department still provides support to students studying at the Brunswick, Bundoora and City campuses.

As RMIT has different academic calendars for VE and VCE students as well as a number of different policies relating to their academic progress, fees and other student rights related issues, RUSU provides free, confidential advice, assistance and support to students through our Student Rights service.

The Student Rights Service can give students support for other issues they may be experiencing such as making a complaint, failing an assessment, apprenticeship rights issues, being sick or in a crisis during an assessment, bullying, harassment, and many other issues. Please visit the Get Help page for more information.

If you are a VE or VCE student, make sure you check out the following regular events specifically for your student cohort:

Ve Smoko

From 11am - 1:00pm, every second Monday during term time, at O'Gradys Place in front of Building 57.


Sasha Summers

Vocational Education Officer