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Finance & Grants

Finance & Grants

This section is all about money. How to get it, and how to best look after it for your club. From applying for grants to getting, managing a bank account  and sponsors, to understanding your budget and getting tax invoices with the correct info, finance is a big part of running your club. This page also includes info about clubs and insurance.

RUSU Club Grants

Clubs Grants information is distributed directly to all Club Leaders and Club emails as per their completed annual online details forms.

Club Grants are only available to Clubs that have finalised all aspects of their full RUSU Clubs affiliation. This requires:

Annual Admin Grant (AAG)

All Fully Affiliated Clubs are eligible for this grant – it is paid directly to your Club’s bank account.

Complete Form

Annual Program Reimbursements (APR)

All Fully Affiliated Clubs are eligible for this grant – it is paid directly to your Club’s bank account.

Complete Form

In addition to the completed APR form, you need to supply (for each event you are claiming APR for) the record of your Executive approving the spending (minutes of club executive meeting(s)/email communications, etc), proof of event (poster, Facebook event page/photos, etc) and proof of payments (receipts, online payment transfers to suppliers, etc).

If you have lost receipts or only received an invoice and have no proof you paid cash, you can submit a completed Statutory Declaration (Stat Dec) explaining what you purchased, what for (the event name and date) how much it cost, and the fact that you have misplaced the proof of payments. Make sure you also include your club name and your role in the club.

Statutory Declarations are legal documents that must be signed by an authorised witness. You can download a blank copy and instructions about Stat Decs below.

Stat Decs

Special Program and Event Grants (SPEGs)

SPEG provides financial support for:

Important SPEG information

How to apply for SPEG

Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by midday 20 April 2023 for future 2023 events 

Submit 2023 SPEG EOI here


Banking and Insurance

Learn about managing your RUSU Club bank account (and the money in it!) by reading our guide. Info about developing budgets is two sections down


Read Guide


Find out how to obtain insurance through RMIT.

RMIT Insurance


Use this Budget Template worksheet to develop your budget plan.


Read through our example activity budget to get a better idea of how to work your budget.


Australian Tax Invoice Requirements

For SPEG grants and just generally, when your club makes a significant order/purchase, it should receive a Tax Invoice from your seller/suppliers. If your seller/supplier does not have an Australian Business Number (ABN), they must complete a Statement of Supplier. The info sheet below has the details you need to make sure the invoices you receive are 100% correct.

Tax Invoice Info


If you would like RUSU to invoice a club sponsor on behalf of your club, use this RUSU Clubs Sponsorship Invoice Request Form.

Sponsorship Form

About Sponsorship

This guide has been produced to help clubs that are looking to secure sponsorship. The premise for this guide is to help clarify the process which you need to go through in obtaining a sponsor.


About Sponsorship Guide

Funding Rules and Political Interests

It's important that you understand the rules around funding and political interests to ensure you are not in breach of Commonwealth Government, RMIT and RUSU Club rules.

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