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Club events are the most fun part of being in a club, but it pays to be organised. From finding a venue to food and alcohol safety to applying for your event risk management approval, you need to be sure every aspect of your event is covered. And of course, you will need some good-looking artwork to promote your event. Learn the basics about organising and promoting your club event by reading this section. The link to the form to apply for risk management approval to run events is also in this section.



Events On Campus

On-Campus spaces are available for clubs bookings. The University centrally manages "Venues" and "Academic [clasroom and lecture theatres]" spaces through the University Venues Department. The "other" spaces are coordinated by different areas and include the RUSU spaces.

Spaces are free for Clubs to hire but there may be costs involved for RMIT venue staff, university audoivisual equipment and staff (required for some spaces), RMIT security ,RMIT cleaners etc. And, of course, clubs must pay for any damage!

Except for simple club Board of Management Meetings, all club events must gain risk management approval. It can sometines be easier to receive the required risk management approval for off campus events. HAVE A BACK UP PLAN!

Please Note: RMIT has very strict timelines for event venue booking. You MUST ENSURE that you adhere to the RMIT guidelines in order to run an event on campus. Events that do not comply with these timelines will be cancelled:

  • 4 WEEKS prior to your event: Applications must be submitted to book a RMIT Venue for events of 100 people or more.
  • 2 WEEKS prior to your event: Applications must be submitted to book a RMIT Venue for events of fewer than 100 people.
  • 2 WEEKS prior to your event: Applications to book a RMIT Academic Space must be made at least two weeks before your event. Academic Spaces are generally not available until after week 3 of each Semester when the timetable is finalised.
  • 2 WEEKS prior to your event: Risk assessment forms must be submitted at least two weeks before the event, or they will not be considered. The more complicated the event, the more time you should allow for your risk assessment to be processed.
  • For all the steps above, the larger or more complicated the event, the earlier clubs should submit all applications.

STEP 1: Complete Clubs Event Risk Management Application


COVIDSafe Assessment Form


STEP 2: Book An Event Space On– Campus

Clubs may apply to book an on-campus space. The process for booking spaces is different, depending upon what type of space is being booked. All Clubs need to follow the correct procedure for the space they are booking:

IMPORTANT if your event does not receive the required risk management approval, the booking will be cancelled. HINT - book early so you have plenty of time for the risk management approval process and to promote your approved event.

  • An Academic space (e.g. classrooms, lecture theatres, etc.);
  • An RMIT Venue (including: Storey Hall all levels, Alumni Courtyard, Outdoor spaces including BBQ areas and Bowen Street (not A'Beckett Urban Square), B8 Multiflexes, Building 12 Market Space and walkway, SAB (B80) function spaces including rooftop, Kaleide Theatre, Capitol Theatre, Oxford Scholaand the Garden Building (Builing 10 Levels 6&7) etc.); NOTE -The Garden Building is also a Venue but a slightly different process appliesor,
  • "Other" University Spaces (e.g. RUSU Spaces, A'Beckett Urban Square RMIT Maker Space, Media Portal, Sporting venues, etc.).

See the information sheets below for your chosen space.


Academic Spaces include most classrooms and lecture theatres. They are not available to book until after Week 4 of each semester (until the acadmeic timetables are finalised) Clubs should first read the guide to booking an Academic Space on campus. Be aware that you will need to book your Academic Space several weeks in advance. Once you have read the guide, complete and submit the form well in advance of the required date.


Guide To Academic Space Hire


Academic Space Hire Form


RMIT Venues are non-academic spaces on campus Clubs should first read the guide to booking a Venue on campus. Be aware that you will need to book your Venue several weeks in advance. Once you have read the guide, you can enquire about venue availability through RMIT's Priava Venue Booking System. Make sure you book your venue well ahead of the required date.


Guide To Booking RMIT Venues


RMIT Venue Bookings


There are many other bookable spaces on campus that may meet the needs of your event. These include spaces such as Library and B80 Meeting Rooms, RUSU Spaces, A'Beckett Urban Square, RMIT Maker Space, the Media Portal, Bundooa Netball & Sports Centre, etc .Each of the "Other Spaces"have a different booking process. Clubs should first read the guide to booking Other Spaces on campus, and follow the directions for the space they wish to book. Be aware that you will need to book your space several weeks in advanc.e The info sheet also includes links to campus local government venue and outdoor spaces and facilities hire info .


Other RMIT & Community Spaces


The University may require you to complete a Security Event Risk Assessment (SERA) form for RMIT Security. The University will contact you if you are required to complete a SERA. The University will tell you how to submit the SERA (if required). A sample (now out of date) form is below - DO NOT use this form - University Venues or RMIT Security should provide you with the most recent version. Email if you have questions aboutsecurity needs/proces .


Security Event Risk Assessment


STEP 4: COVIDSafe Plan


Clubs must follow the RUSU COVIDSafe Event plan and ensure they have taken all of the necessary steps to run a COVIDSafe event on campus.


COVIDSafe Events Info

Due to COVID-19 & Staffing arrangments, RUSU Equipment is not available until further notice.

Unfortunately, it now seems RMIT AV Loans free equipment is no longer available to all students and staff-only those enrolled/working in College of Design and Social Context Programs (see

RUSU Clubs is waiting for clarification around whether only equipment provided by or approved by RMIT's AV support service "Insight Systems" is permitted on campus. It is requried in RMIT Venues including Storey Hall, Kaleide Theatre etc. This is not free.

To book or make an enquiry about RMIT AV support (Insight Systems), please complete and submit an enquiry form at The form includes some prices.

It's important to know that RUSU Clubs Staff do not make event space bookings for Clubs. It is the responsibility of each Club to book spaces for their own events, and to correctly follow the university procedures outlined above. However, when something has gone wrong with the process, RUSU Clubs Staff can help you. You should contact us if:


Process Changes


If you receive new, confusing, or conflicting information from RMIT Security, University venues, etc. and you are unsure which process to follow.


No Response To Your Booking Application


If three weeks have passed since you submitted your event booking, and you haven't received any response from RMIT.


No Invoice Received From RMIT


If five weeks have passed since your event was held, but your Club hasn't received the expected invoice(s) for an RMIT event or service yet (e.g. for RMIT Security, AV Hire, Venues Staff etc).


For Large Or Complicated Events


When your club wants to organise a large and/or complicated event, and needs some help to know how to work with University (you must contact RUSU Clubs Staff at least 8 weeks before the event).


Significant Problem At Your Event


If there was a significant problem at your event, whether with the venue, staffing, or event attendees.


Contact Clubs


Email your Clubs Officer directly or our general email.


Contact RUSU Clubs


Events Off Campus

Off campus face-to face events are permitted (subject to Victorian Government restrictions and RMIT risk management requirements).


To seek approval for an off-campus club event, please complete and submit the Event approval form-risk management.


Event approval form - risk management


Online Events

Learn everything you need to know to run a successful event online.


The Basics

Getting the word out there is essential to running a successful event online.


Event Promo

RMIT runs on Office 365, and you will get the best results from your online event, and have more ITS support available to you, if you use Office 365 too. Find out in advance how to successfully install Office 365 so you are ready on event day!


Office 365

Make it easy to make your event accessible to everyone by reading our Accessibility Best Practice guide.


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How To Join A Netflix Party


Join A Party


Events Resources

Read the guide to Food Safety for Community Groups.


Food Safety

Events that serve alcohol must adhere to the Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines.


RSA Guide

Does your club event need a liquor licence?


Find Out Now

Film screenings are a fun club event, but you must ensure you obtain a licence to broadcast your film in public.


Public Films

Read the RMIT guide to sustainable events.



If you are planning on filming or taking photographs, you must display a disclaimer at your events, telling people that you are taking images. You can print out the RUSU Clubs photography disclaimer poster to display at your events.


Photography Notice

If you are planning a Club camp or major excursion, you may need to obtain medical information from attendees for their personal safety. Please note this is not required for standard events such as movie screenings or food and drink functions.


Medical Consent

Make sure you have everything ready for your big day by completing our handy, step-by-step checklist.




Promoting Your Club

RUSU Communications staff are available for you if you need help with logo design, and design for posters and other event marketing materials.


Getting Help


Get advice and etiquette information on how to promote your event at RMIT.


Get Advice

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Download the RUSU Clubs Affiliate logo for use on your posters and marketing materials.

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