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RUSU Club Grants 2019

The 2019 RUSU Club Grants Information Sheet is distributed directly to fully affiliated RUSU clubs. It will also be available to RUSU Clubs through the new One Drive RUSU Clubs Executive Resources Folder (once all student emails are migrated to Outlook). 

Applications for the 2019 RUSU Clubs and Societies Special Program & Events Grants (SPEGs) is open to fully affiliated mid year RUSU clubs and calendar year RUSU clubs that have completed their 2019 affiliation (see note at * below for exceptions). SPEGs are competitive grants and applicants are not guaranteed SPEG funding.
The link to the online 2019 SPEG application form is provided directly to eligible RUSU clubs. Applications submitted by RUSU clubs that have not completed their 2019 affiliation will not be considered until their affiliation is complete.  
* New or returning lapsed RUSU clubs may not apply for SPEG unless the application is for an event/activity to be delivered in conjunction with an older club or clubs. 

Please see the list below for a fillable copy of the 2019 Annual Program Reimbursement (APR) Grant form. Mid-year affiliate RUSU clubs and 2019 fully affiliated Calendar year RUSU clubs may apply for 2019 APR. 

2019 new club applications are open. Please refer to the Start a Club page for more information about starting a new RUSU club. 

2019 Re-affiliation sessions

Every RUSU Club must re-affiliate every year. Multi Club re-affiliation sessions are now open for calendar year clubs to book in to to meet with their Clubs officer an to finalise their re-affiliation and get some 2019 training in Clubs processes. If your Club has held its' 2018 Annual General Meeting and has all that paperwork ready, hads completed the 2019 Affiliation doc and has at least 20 x 2019 RMIT student members signed up, it is ready to book in to re-affiliate.  (Or, you'll have all of this done in time for the meeting you book in for) . At least the President & Treasurer of each club must attend  a re-affiliation session (preferebaly the same one). Is better if all of a club's e2019 Executive attend!  
Book your 2019 Executive in for a re-affiliation session through this form Click here

All sessions will be in our Building 57 Level 4 Multipurpose Room (at the far end of the cafeteria). See map for our "Carlton" Campus office at

RUSU Room Booking

Need to book a City Campus RUSU space? Click here.

RUSU Clubs Equipment Booking

Need to book RUSU Clubs equipment for your RUSU Club event at City Campus or (by special arrangement) off campus? All equipment booked through this form must be collected and returned to RUSU City Campus Building 57 Office 9.30 am to 3.30 pm, Monday to Friday.  Click here.
Note - Bundoora or Brunswick clubs - please ask at the RUSU office on your campus to see what they have that you can borrow for on campus events.
For AV equipment, see what's available through RMIT AV Loans (Catalogue in list below) 


This page contains links to a range of event, financial and legal management resources specifically for RUSU Clubs. Some of the information may assist other student event planners at RMIT. Please be advised that any RUSU resources referred to other than access to the RUSU Room Bookings are for RUSU Clubs only.  
2019 Annual Program Reimbursment Grant (APR) application form
Guide to Club Bank Accounts
Booking University Managed Spaces v01March2019
ABOUT_Event Spaces Managed by RMIT Venues
Application for student hire of academic space
Booking RUSU Managed Space Equip V21Feb2019
Event Risk Assessment Form (for RMIT Security) 
2019 RMIT AV Loans Catalogue
RUSU Clubs Promotions Guide
RUSU Clubs Promo Opportunities
Requesting RUSU Clubs Promo Help
RUSU Clubs Model Constitution
Budget Template
Event Checklist
Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) at Functions
Does your Club Need a Liquor Licence? 2019
Food Safety Information
Clubs Event Photography Disclaimer
RMIT Sustainable Events Guide
RUSU Clubs & RMIT Insurance
Guide to Showing Films In Public
RUSU Clubs Code of Conduct
Funding Rules - Political interests
RUSU Clubs Sponsorship Invoice Request Form
Club Webpage Instruction Manual 2019
RUSU Clubs Affiliate Logo Zip file July 2018