Welcome to the Bundy Crew

Bundoora Department

Welcome to the Bundoora Department!

We are the RUSU Bundoora Department. This year we are working to improve the campus community and engagement on campus. Bundoora has so much to offer, and it’s time it's given the attention it needs! We are an active department at RUSU, advocating for student rights, better spaces and promoting a sense of community. We hold regular events on campus, including Chill N Grill, Free Healthy Breakfasts, Pop Up Pubs, and lots more!

If you ever see us on campus, feel free to come and say hi! And if you have any questions, student concerns or ideas on how to improve campus life – you can email me or my reps and we’ll happily organise to meet with you. If you want general support – come to the Bundoora RUSU reception desk (Building 202, Level 2) and our friendly RUSU staff can give you the support you need!

Your RUSU Bundoora Officers for 2023

Riya Sangra

Bundoora Coordinator


Simon Manoj

Bundoora East Representative


Dulan Ariyathilaka

Bundoora West Representative