ALP Labor Club

The RMIT ALP (Labor) club is a group of like-minded RMIT students who are interested in Labor politics at RMIT. We welcome all levels of political skill and knowledge.

The RMIT ALP Labor club offers students a wide range of both formal and informal events including guest speakers, tours, election training, student campaigns, debates and wide range of social activities that are sure to appeal to anyone interested in labour politics, social and environmental policy, or anyone that holds strong social democratic values.

Please contact us directly about if you have any queries about upcoming events or just want to get involved!

Contact details:


Facebook: @rmitlabor

Instagram: @rmitlabor

We also have a close working relationship with various student unions and student organisations across the country. Our members are dedicated to the Australian Labor Party and various national trade unions. We are interested in working collaboratively with other social justice-oriented RMIT student clubs.

RMIT ALP Club Constitution Aims:

 - To expose students to the ideas, policies, actions and labour organisations involved in the Labor Movement throughout Australia.

 - To encourage active student membership of Australian Trade Unions operating within Australia.

 - To encourage active student membership to the Australian Labor Party and active representation of young people within the Labor Movement.

 - To highlight the importance of workplace rights and minimum work conditions to all RMIT students.

 - To encourage a diversity of ideas and opinions within the Labor Movement, that fosters an egalitarian Australian society.

- To mentor and expose students to election experience in order to ensure they have the skills required to promote themselves and others within the - Australian Labor Party and the wider community.

- To actively campaign against injustices in the Industrial Relations System; as well as other discriminatory practices affecting young people and students at RMIT and at other educational institutions.

 - To learn from and pay respect to the many Great Leaders of the Australian Labor Party and the Labor Movement.