RUSH RMIT University Society of Hellenes

RUSH is a club for RMIT students with a Greek background and a passion for all things Greek!

***RMIT University Society of Hellenes (RUSH)*** is a student organization that promotes **traditional and modern Greek festivities** at RMIT University for all students. It enables Greeks to get in touch with their roots and Non-Greeks to explore a new culture. RMIT prides itself on a strong connection to the Greek-Australian community. As a passionate and enthusiastic club, some of the events we have hosted in the past include: our famous **ENA Hellenic Night** (a night filled with live Greek music and endless dancing), our very own on-campus and delicious **Sweets Day** and **Greek Feast** provided authentic Greek food and sweets to all RUSH Members, and our infamous **Drinks Night**. We are excited to be announcing **new and thrilling events for 2023** in the near future! RUSH is a dedicated and growing club, providing amazing opportunities for the Hellenes and non-Hellenes of Victoria! Having received corporate sponsorships and giving back to the wider community, RUSH strives to provide to all! We have a **$5 annual membership fee** which also gives you membership to the ***National Union of Greek Australian Students - NUGAS*** To join, please follow the below Qpay Link! Come and see what we have in store for you….**OPA!**