RUSH RMIT University Society of Hellenes

RUSH is a club for RMIT students with a Greek background and a passion for all things Greek!


RMIT University Society of Hellenes (RUSH) is a student organization that promotes traditional and modern Greek festivities at RMIT University for all students.

It enables Greeks to get in touch with their roots and Non-Greeks to explore a new culture. One of the few university’s offering Greek as a subject, RMIT prides itself with a strong connection to the Greek-Australian community.

As a passionate and enthusiastic club some of the events we have hosted in the past include: our famous Bouzouki Night (a night filled with live Greek music and endless dancing), our very own on campus Zorba Competition, our delicious Greek Feast provided
authentic Greek food to all RUSH Members, our Sweets Day and our After Exams Party which was in collaborations with other Greek University societies. We are excited to be announcing new and thrilling events for 2019 in the near future!

RUSH is a dedicated and growing club, providing amazing opportunities for the Hellenes and non-Hellenes of Victoria! Having received corporate sponsorship and giving back to the wider community, RUSH strives to provide to all!

We have a $5 annual membership fee which also gives you membership to the national Greek students association - NUGAS
To join, please email us, message us on Facebook or Instagram!

Come and see what we have in stall for you….OPA!


Our AGM occurs in March during the first semester of every year. The current committee elected for 2019 is:

  • Co-Presidents: Alexandra Andrianopoulos & Peter Asmanis
  • Secretary: Katherine Hatzis
  • Treasurer: Harrison Zervakis
  • Marketing Officer: John Paras
  • General Committee: Luke Hagekyriakou, Marissa Papadopoulos, Raphael Tsakirellis, Peter Papadakis, Gabriel Apostoli, Natalia Makridi, Christopher Adamou, Lukas Theodorou, Adriana Savva, Taksia Tsaganas & Despina Moisidis