Economics Finance and Marketing Student Association EFMSA

RMIT EFMSA connects RMIT Business College economics, finance and marketing students with each other and industry.


EFMSA Memberships are now open!
Please sign up to EFMSA using the link to the membership Form in the menu at right.
The Membership period will be to mid-2023.

As well as registering your membership, you can register your interest in running for a club leadership role or becoming a general volunteer to help out.
The form also asks about your event preferences (type, location &timing).

Once we have enough members, EFMSA will hold a couple of meetings to formally re-establish and reactivate the club.
Meeting #1 will update the club Constitution (5 minutes). Meeting #2 will elect the leadership team and approve an Annual Activity Plan - the outline of the events & activities EFMSA hopes to deliver up until mid 2023. Meeting #2 should take about 30 mins depending on the elections.

The meetings will run one after the other and be open to in-person and online attendance (through RMIT MS Teams).

NOTE - memberships will be suspended when the formal meetings announcement are made. Membership will re-open after the meetings.

The Economics, Finance and Marketing Student Association aims to connect business students with each other and to build networks between themselves and industry professionals to benefit their time at RMIT while having fun doing it. Get involved today!!