Chess Club RMIT

A place for those interested in chess to come together and play socially or competitively. Open to players of all levels.

The RMIT Chess Club is a student-run club that holds weekly sessions for playing social chess on campus.

We welcome players of all levels (and those who are interested in learning!) to enjoy a game of chess and meet new people. Students are welcome to join at any point throughout the year.

We also run a variety of different tournaments throughout the year.

You can often find us at 80.03.04 on Wednesday afternoons.

As we are a mid year intake club, 2022/23 membership is now open. Membership runs until mid-2023. Please use the link in the menu to join/re-join: it's free!)

You can join our Discord here!

Club Aims:

  1. To provide RMIT students of all backgrounds with opportunities to
    play chess socially.
  2. To provide a place and community where chess players can discuss
    strategy and refine their skills.
  3. To organise competitive playing of chess and provide for
    participation in chess competitions.
  4. To teach interested students how to play the game of chess in a
    friendly environment.