Association of Chemical Engineering Students ACES

RMIT Association of Chemical Engineering Students, or ACES, is a student body created by RMIT Chemical Engineering Students for Students undertaking or interested in Chemical Engineering.


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The Association of Chemical Engineering Students (ACES) is a RMIT Student Union Affiliate, run by chemical engineering students, for chemical engineering students.

A.C.E.S was founded in 1990 and since then we have provided our students with career advice, academic support and social events throughout the year. We host an annual ball together with the other engineering societies, as well social outings throughout semester. We further enrich the student experience by organising career events and resume writing workshops. Our events provide a social outlet for students of all years to meet and network.

To make the transition from high school to university smoother, we publish an annual orientation handbook and host an orientation day for students commencing Chemical Engineering at RMIT. In addition to this we are a source of support for younger students to seek if they need it.

For our older students we have published a careers handbook, which provides guidance on interview tips, resume writing and Q&A's with past graduates who have successfully graduated into the chemical engineering field.

ACES is a not-for-profit organisation open to all chemical engineering students at RMIT University, and most of our social events are open to all students in the university to attend. All events are run at minimal cost, with maximum output to students.

Club Aims
To provide our members with advice about careers
To provide academic support
To host a range of social events throughout the year
To benefit students across areas of engineering

To JOIN or REJOIN for 2018, please email the club or follow us through our Facebook page for further information.