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Space Science Students Association - SSSA

The SSSA is an academic and social club for students interested in space and associated topics. Free membership for Bachelor of Space Science Students and Alumni, membership for all other students is $10.

Sports Chiropractic Association RMIT SCA

RMIT Sports Chiropractic Association is a Bundoora campus based, academic club.

Sri Lankan Student Association RUSLSA

RMIT University Sri Lanka Students' Association (RUSLSA) is a social and support club for RMIT Sri Lankan students and friends.

Student Interior Design Association s.IDA

s.IDA aims to provide a platform for RMIT Interior Design Students (Degree Program) to engage with the RMIT design community while fostering relationships with the broader Australian and international design community.

Student Landscape Architecture Body SLAB

RMIT SLAB (Student Landscape Architecture Body) is a student run and organised body within the landscape architecture course based at RMIT University.

Students Association for Sustainable Systems Engineering RMIT SASSE

SASSE is an academic Club for RMIT Sustainable Systems Engineering students and their supporters.

Students Association of Industrial Design

Students Association of Industrial Design (SAID) is an academic club for RMIT students with an interest in the field of industrial design.

Taiwanese Student Association

RMIT Taiwanese Student Association aims to connect all Taiwanese students within the university, as well as those who are interested in Taiwanese culture.

Tamil Club

A Cultural Club for Tamil students at RMIT

The Programming Club

The RMIT Programming Club aims to give RMIT students in the city a place to learn and enjoy programming together. The club continues in the tradition of programming clubs world over. With a strong focus on learning and collaboration.

Vegan Club

The RMIT Vegan Club aims to break down the stereotypes associated veganism to create a relaxed social space where students can meet, eat and share a drink. 2023 Membership Sign ups - https://forms.gle/cowqoDD74ASxosVw7

Vietnamese International Students at RMIT VISAR

We aim to bring a friendly environment, informal social activities and provide useful information and support to all Vietnamese students who are pursuing their study at RMIT.

Vietnamese Students' Association (VSA RMIT)

VSA RMIT is an inclusive family for students to unite through common appreciation for the Vietnamese culture. The club aims to preserve and promote the Vietnamese Australian Identity and provide youths with a place to learn about their heritage.