Creating a Sustainable Future for RMIT

Sustainability Department

Welcome to the Sustainability Department

RUSU is working harder than ever to make RMIT a more environmentally friendly and sustainable place to learn, study and socialise. The Sustainability Collective is a group for students interested in sharing ideas, campaigning for positive change and learning new skills. We hold regular get togethers and would love to see you there! Contact us to get involved by emailing

RUSU’s Sustainability Department is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and helping you to reduce yours, too. We can provide you with information on how to run more sustainable events, how to eat sustainably on a budget as well as advocate the university to adapt more sustainability initiatives.

If you love healthy delicious food, check out Realfoods, our on-campus cafe, and taste the fantastic seasonal vegan, vegetarian, and organic menu! Realfoods offers also volunteering opportunities to students interested in learning about sustainable food choices, gaining valuable hospitality experience and making new friends. There is a Realfoods cafe located at the City and Bundoora West campuses.

Sustainability Officer

Alexander Jarvis