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Activities Department

Welcome to the Activities Department


The RUSU Activities and Events Department make your university experience as much fun as you can possibly handle. The department is run by two staff members and an elected student representative. In 2017, our activities will feature a calendar for all major events of the year! Because all work and no play makes RMIT students bored, RUSU will get you moving with one of our many weekly events.

You can help make RMIT a vibrant place to be. If you're up for the challenge, you can run (with our help) your very own event by becoming part of the Activities Collective. Or drop by your nearest RUSU information counter and volunteer at one of the many events. Our volunteers work hard and party harder - that's why we love them!

The Activities Department also hosts regular inter-varsity events, sports and recreation trips, thanks to our affiliation with Tertiary Recreation Entertainment Victoria (TREV). Thanks TREV, you make uni way more fun!

Activities Officer

Courtney De Wan