Physics Student Association RMIT

The Physics Student Association is an academic club at RMIT for students studying physics at all academic levels at RMIT

planetUNI RMIT

planetUNI RMIT is a RMIT club that seeks to connect with and empower RMIT students to live beyond themselves. We have lots of fun together and would love to meet YOU!

Property Society

RMIT Property Society is an academic club for RMIT students studying the Bachelor of Applied Science (Property and Valuation) (Honours), Graduate Certificate in Property, Graduate Diploma in Property & Master of Property.

RMIT Accounting Students Association RASA

Unfortunately, the club's registration has lapsed. Please click through to the main page if there is interest in re-activating the club.

RMIT Association of Pharmacy Students RAPS

The RMIT Association of Pharmacy Students - RAPS, serves to create a social network for students and friends of those who currently study or have studied the Bachelor of Pharmacy at RMIT

RMIT Astronomy Society

Welcome to the RMIT Astronomy Society, where curiosity meets the cosmos! Our society is dedicated to fostering a passion for the wonders of the universe and creating a space for like-minded individuals to explore astronomy.

RMIT Blockchain Club

All are welcome, our club is a place for curious minds to learn about and experiment with decentralised ledger technology.

RMIT Bundoora Arabic Club

Unfortunately, this club's registration has lapsed. Please click through to the main page if there is interest in restarting the club.

RMIT Computer Science & Information Technology Society

🤖 We run workshops, networking events, regular social meetups, and the occasional party or two. It's free to join! 🚀

RMIT HDR Bundoora Network (HBN)

The RMIT HDR Bundoora Network is an academic club which aims to connect Bundoora-based HDR students from School of Health and Biomedical Science (SHBS) and School of Science (SSCI).

RMIT Information Security Collective (RISC)

RMIT Information Security Collective (RISC) was established to provide a bridge between academia and industry in the area of information security and to provide opportunities for RISC members to share and extend their knowledge and interest.

RMIT Law Students Society

The RMIT Law Students' Society ('RLSS') supports RMIT undergraduate and postgraduate law students

RMIT Liberal Club

The RMIT Liberal Club is a club dedicated to building and fostering a community of fellow students of Liberal values

RMIT Mechanical & Automotive Engineering Association

MAEA was the academic club for students studying mechanical or automotive engineering at RMIT

RMIT Nursing Student Association

RMIT Nursing Students Association (RNSA) is inactive - please click through to the main page if there is interest in re-activating the club

RMIT Project Management Chapter

RMIT Project Management Chapter is an academic club for both undergrads and postgrads studying project management at RMIT.