Representing the Students of RMIT

Your Reps 2018

2018 Student Union Council

Abena Dove

SUC President

Abena Dove is the President of the RMIT University Student Union (RUSU), the peak representative body for all RMIT students.

Having previously served one term as General Secretary, Education Officer and Women’s Officer, Abena was elected in September 2016 and started her term as President in November 2016. Abena is the first female President at RUSU in the past seven years.

Abena is incredibly passionate about student welfare policy, mental health, accessibility and equity in education and youth homelessness. Abena is also interested in student partnerships and leadership within the higher education sector and is the former President of RMIT's largest Political Club. All of these interests have engaged Abena in advocating for young people both within and outside the education sector.

Ella Gvildys

SUC General Secretary

Courtney De Wan

Activities Officer

James Kerr-Nelson

Clubs & Societies Officer


Lily Xia

Education Officer

Aditya Sharma

Welfare Officer

Alexander Jarvis

Sustainability Officer

Anwei Wang

International Officer

Shiona Raj

Communications Officer

Mayura Ashok

Postgraduate Officer

Kelsie Miller

Queer Officer

Ray Adcock

Queer Officer

Jedda Rocha Costa

Indigenous Officer

Sadaf Hadi

Women's Officer

Alan Padgham

General Representative

Sheldon Gait

General Representative

Amy Hui Jin Chua

General Representative

Nahui Jimenez Ludekens

General Representative


Meghanadh Kethepalli

General Representative


City Campus

Umer Tahir

City Campus Coordinator

Hafizullah Jan

VE Officer

Adam Flemming

City Representative

Bundoora Campus

Mohammad Khan

Bundoora Coordinator


Bundoora East Representative


Gabrielle Wilkinson

Bundoora West Representative

Brunswick Campus

Mia Beauchamp

Brunswick Coordinator

Vanessa Alexandra

Brunswick Representative

Student Media (Catalyst)

Lisa Divissi

Catalyst Editor

Campbell Mowat

Catalyst Editor

Kasia Kosidlo

Catalyst Editor