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Running Your Club

Running Your Club

Running your club requires a bit of work, but it doesn't have to be tricky. Knowing the processes and procedures you need to follow will help you to run your club smoothly day to day.

2024 New Club Enquiries

New club enquiries should refer to our Start a Club page.

Returning Clubs (Re-affiliation)

Clubs that were not able to re-affiliate for due to the impact of COVID19 are advised to contact us to discuss their options.

Clubs that have lapsed (i.e. not maintained their annual re-affiliation) may be required to re-apply as a new club (apply for provisional club status). Please contact us for advice.

Club Administration

Model Constitution

For guidance on how to set up your Clubs constitution, you can refer to the RUSU Clubs model constitution.

RUSU Clubs Code of Conduct

All RUSU Club Members must adhere to a code of conduct.

Using the RUSU Website

Download the RUSU Clubs web page instruction manual to find out how to use the website for your clubs page.

Club Email Accounts

If your Club has a "" email and you are nominated as a delegate to that account, learn how to access it.

Executive Resignations

There is a formal process to follow when elected club executive members want to or must resign.

If more than one executive resigns or intends to resign simultaneously, please contact your Clubs Officer for advice before you do anything else.

If there is only one resignation to respond to, the process is not complicated and can be managed by the club's Board of Management without the need for a General Meeting.  One resignation = a single "casual vacancy" needed to be filled. If the President is resigning, there are a couple of extra components to the process.

The documents below provide instructions and a template for the Board Meeting to "fill the single casual vacancy. 

Child Safety

RUSU is committed to the protection and safety of children. Steps must be taken to before a person under the age of 18 joins a club or attends a club event.

Running Board Meetings

Leadership Resources

Support and Information for Club Leaders

During your time as a club leader, students may approach you when they are having a hard time or need help. If this happens you don’t need to have all the answers, you just need to listen and then help direct student to the service that can assist them. RUSU Staff are here to help you. Please read the info sheet to help you understand where you or a fellow student can go for help.