Save Your Commonwealth Supported Place

Low Completion Rate

Low Completion Rate (LCR)

A low completion rate is a fail rate of more than 50 per cent of the attempted courses, after attempting eight or more courses in a bachelor level or higher program, or four or more courses in an Associate Degree program.

The Australian government has introduced new eligibility rules for student funding in HE and Associate Degree program, effective from 2022, as part of the Job-ready Graduates Program. It’s a government legislation and RMIT must implement it. This legislation won’t affect students who have enrolled at RMIT before 2022.

These changes will affect students who are starting a new program at RMIT in 2022 and are enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) or have HECS/FEE Help loan. The new eligibility requirements means that students must achieve a reasonable completion rate to keep their program funding. If they have a low completion rate at any time of their program, their funding may be removed and may be even discontinued from their program.


PDF: RUSU Complete Guide To Fee Remission
PDF: RUSU Low Completion Rate FAQ