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Have Your Say Day 2020

Have Your Say Day 2020

A huge thank you to everyone who attended Have Your Say Summit 2020.

In August 2020, a collection of current and emerging student leaders came together to talk about student life at RMIT. The discussions were led by students and focused on key student needs at RMIT. Students brainstormed ideas for improvements and changes that they would like to see in RMIT for 2020 and beyond. This was the second annual summit co-hosted by the RMIT University Student Union (RUSU) and RMIT.

This year, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, the summit was held online. The following points capture the ideas that were generated in student-led breakout sessions as part of the online summit. 


Student-Centred Education

The Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) has been set up to help students give feedback to their Program Managers.

But a lot of students have never heard of SSCC or they might be unsure how to participate.

We need more visibility, accountability, connection and empowerment to help strengthen the SSCC program.

Iso Life

With the transition to online learning, students are feeling more isolated. People are missing that sense of community you get from on-campus interaction. But having access to a variety of online events is helping get us through iso life.

We need to make online events easier to find, resolve technical issues, find ways to break up screen time and promote a bigger variety of online activities, like book clubs, dinner nights, trivia and games. Events also need to include people who are outside Melbourne.

Future Focus asked us if we'd like to input into RMIT's 5-year strategic plan. So, a group of students got together to talk about the future.

Students highlighted the need for contingency planning and a balance between job-readiness and life education.

Hot topics included fees, learning and teaching quality and support for researchers and teaching staff. It’s tough during COVID-19 but there are opportunities; online learning can be flexibile but it needs to be accessible to everyone; learning materials need to be current, and include live, in-person interactions to foster a learning community.

Support Beyond the Classroom

RMIT isn't just about going to class or attending social events. It's also about access to services like legal advice, career guidance, counselling or disability support.

Some students don't know where to find these services. Students want these services to feel more approachable, and for there to be more follow-ups after initial contact.

Students want more networking events, like RMIT Activator, to feel connected to their industry and peers.