RUSU Annual Elections 2019

Election Notice: Candidates

RMIT Student Union - 2019 Annual Elections

(In Ballot Paper Order)

The following is a list of the candidates whose nominations have been accepted for the RMIT Student Union Council 2019 Annual Elections.

General Secretary

Chaitali Pradeep Bhanushali (Revive)
Bilal Ayub (Stallionz)
Ma Beatrice Co (Together)
Matthew Vogt (Independent)

Education Officer

Akshay Jose (Together)
Mohammad Waqar Khan (Revive)

Welfare Officer

Chrishell Yin (Together)
Mohammad Faisal (Stallionz)
Riyadh Mohammed Hashil Al Saadi (Revive)

International Officer 

Vibhor Bangwal (Revive)
Xiaoyue Gui (Together)
Muhammad Shehram Syed (Stallionz)

Postgraduate Officer

Ali Iftikhar Choudhary (Stallionz)
Ria Talwar (Revive)
Nithin Reddy Ponnaluru (Together)

Women’s Officer 

Nakhat Yemen Syeda (Revive)
Mounika Gudapati (Together)

Queer Officer 

Kingston Goh & Matte Howard (Together)
Roz Ward & Madaleine Hah (Climate Action)

Indigenous Officer

Bromley See Kee (Together)

Activities Officer

Qamar Abbas Jafri (Stallionz)
Karan Majoj Khandelwal (Together)
Aroshi Gupta (Revive)

Sustainability Officer

Emily Cork (Together)
Natalie Acreman (Revive)

Clubs and Societies Officer 

Mona Makhija (Together)
Anshul Srivastava (Revive)
Ali Iftikhar Choudhary (Stallionz)

Vocational Education Officer 

Usman Tahir (Revive)
William Gate (Together)

Brunswick Coordinator 

Shreya Nagar (Revive)
Jessica Mayer (Together)
Nauman Choudhry (Stallionz)

Bundoora Coordinator 

Haroon Esmail (Revive)
Stephanie Flores-Tapia (Together)

City Coordinator 

Haris Siraj (Stallionz)
Lehkika Jain (Revive)
Prashanth Kumar (Together)

Brunswick Representative 

Muskaan Gupta (Revive)
Meher Dang (Together)

Bundoora East Representative 

Sultan Al-Ghafri (Revive)
Sona Kannan (Together)

Bundoora West Representative

Rijul Kumar Singh (Revive)
Stephanie Au (Together)

City Representative 

Shreyas Rahul Urunkar (Together)
Rahil Viren Mehta (Revive)

Five (5) General Representatives

Cormac Mills Ritchard (Climate Action)
Ankit Saurabh (Together)
Aasrita Kalahasti (Revive)
Anand Singh (Revive)
Ankit Munot (Revive)
Sacha McDonald-Shaw (Climate Action)
Peiji Zhou (Together)
Evangeline Stogiannou (Climate Action)
Chris Giddings (Climate Action)
Ella Gvildys (Together)
Milly Cox (Climate Action)
Liam Thompson (Together)
Xavier Fitzgerald (Together)
Prashant Kumar (Revive)
Naomi Kelsey (Climate Action)
Liam Parry (Climate Action)
Yun Wang (Together)
Daniel Hoogstra (Together)

NUS Delegates – Seven (7) positions 

 Liam Thompson (Together)
Siobhan McGlynn (Climate Action)
Vibhor Bangwal (Revive)
Yun Wang (Together)
Madaleine Yi-ling Hah (Climate Action)
Ella Marchionda (Climate Action)
Anand Singh (Revive)
Liam Parry (Climate Action)
Athulya Jancy Beny (Climate Action)
Ankit Munot (Revive)
Hugh Sullivan (Climate Action)
Harvey Brown (Climate Action)
Gareth Bailey (Together)
Wanyi Pan (Together)
Adam Steiner (Together)
Jamie Herbst (Together)
Ella Gvildys (Together)

Catalyst Editors

Chloe Karis (Together)
Zachary Edwards (Together)
Tamara Clark (Together)
Neehar Saraswat (Revive)
Mohan Pal Singh (Revive)


A ballot will not be required for the following position as only one nomination was received:

Indigenous Officer – Bromley See Kee (Together)
Bromley See Kee is declared elected as Indigenous Officer


Four teams have been registered for the elections:

Matt Incerti 
Returning Officer
27 August 2019