You asked. We listened.

RUSU Campaigns 2019

RUSU has been working hard to advocate for students and run campaigns that result in meaningful changes for students at RMIT.

RUSU continues to be committed to improving facilities for students across all campuses. In 2019, RUSU successfully campaigned for:


Changes to Inherent Requirements

RUSU has successfully advocated for a clearer policy explaining that inherent requirements are about supporting students, not excluding them. This has been backed by RMIT’s Chief Operating Officer and a formal public Commitment Statement from RMIT. This makes it clear that program staff need to explore equitable adjustments that allow students to fully participate in RMIT programs. You can find RMIT’s new Statement of Commitment here.

Student-Friendly Exam Advice

Exam times can be stressful without the added burden of understanding changes to exam rules. RUSU has put together a series of posters and social media posts to help students navigate some of the biggest exam rules. Want to know what to do when you feel sick during an exam? Or what to do with your phone? RUSU has your back with info posters up at exam venues now.

Mentoring and Support

RUSU has been working with RMIT to explore more mentoring options for students. We’ve been contributing our ideas for better study supports and peer social networks to help you get the most out of your time at RMIT.

Bundoora West New Student Space

RUSU has worked with RMIT to refresh Building 204  to create an  open and comfortable student space. Somewhere to play games, have lunch, meet friends or just relax between class. With the new RUSU Games Pod arriving soon, student will also be able to play Xbox and PS3 games.

A New City Campus Prayer Facility for Students and Staff at RMIT

In response to consultation with the RMIT Islamic Students Society, and other RMIT staff and students, RUSU has given feedback to RMIT about the requirement for a new City campus prayer facility, and has been campaigning hard to make this vision a reality.

Refresh of Building 57 cafeteria

More microwaves. More seating. More games. More style! RUSU has been working with RMIT on improved facilities in Building 56 and 57 including classroom upgrades, escalators and the upgraded Cafe.

Refurbished and refreshed Queer Lounges

The Queer Lounges have been refreshed, refurbished and upgraded at Brunswick and Bundoora. Come in and visit us soon.

Refurbished and refreshed Women's Lounges

The RUSU Women’s Lounges have been refreshed, refurbished and upgraded at Carlton, Brunswick and Bundoora campuses. Come in and visit us soon.

Extended library hours

In semester 1, RUSU worked with RMIT to ensure all libraries stayed open until 8pm on weekends during swot vac until the end of exams. RUSU will continue to advocate for more extended hours study spaces across all campuses during semester 2 and beyond. 

50 extra PCs available during exam time

In response to wait times and overcrowding in PC labs, RUSU has advocated for access to more computers during exam and assessment time. An additional 50 PCs will be available for RMIT student use at the computer lab in building 8, level 7.

New Games Room in Bundoora 

A 2018/2019 Win - RUSU continues to manage and gain improvements to the Bundoora East Building 254 Student Lounge/Games Room. A new RUSU Games Pod (with X box and Play station) has just been delivered!

Game Pods on campus

This year RUSU has campaigned for more E Games on campus. The RUSU Game Pods have been produced and are being rolled out on campus on the City Campus (in the e games room Building 12 level 4), Bundoora West (Building 204), Bundoora East (Building 254), Carlton (Building 57, level 4) and another roaming Games Pod that will 'pop up' in other locations such as Building 80 and at Brunswick.

Upgrade to Bundoora West Prayer Rooms

RUSU has worked with the Bundoora Islamic Society and students from the female prayer space to get upgrades to the existing male and female prayer spaces at Bundoora West, including an audio link to the female prayer space for Friday prayers. RUSU also continues to champion the need for a new and larger prayer space to be built at Bundoora for 2020.

Library Lock-in

RUSU ran another successful library lock-in event this year. Over 400 students attended to take advantage of the free massages, tea, coffee and healthy food, chill out zone and a comfortable place to study in a focused environment during swot vac.

Better access to SAI Global standards

RUSU and RMIT Library have been working together to address the issues some students had in 2018 with accessing the SAI Global standards during assessment time. Good news! RMIT Library has doubled the number of SAI Global licences for 2019. Still having difficulty downloading the standards? Talk to your friendly librarian.

Ongoing improvements to Work Integrated Learning

RUSU has been making connections with RMIT’s Areas of Focus to help advocate for improved work placement experiences for RMIT students.

International student fees

RUSU has been working with RMIT to identify opportunities to provide support for international students, including with regard to fee payment processes and ensuring students have a clear understanding of their rights and obligations in terms of student fees.

450 extra student lockers on campus

Greater access to safe and secure storage. RUSU has been working with RMIT to increase the number of lockers for students. RMIT Property Services has delivered over 450 new lockers across the campuses in 2019.

Medical Centre @ RMIT Opening

The next time you’re feeling unwell or looking for a good doctor, help is close by. A new medical centre dedicated to RMIT is opening at the City campus!

Medical Hub @ RMIT is an inclusive service for RMIT students opening in August 2019. This accessible service offers direct billing for international students for GP (doctor) consultations, and bulk billing for students with a current Medicare card.

Doctors at Medical Hub @ RMIT have special interests in women’s health, men’s health, mental health, sexual health, travel medicine and LGBTI+ health. Multilingual doctors are available and confidentiality is maintained at all times.

RUSU President Ella Gvildys has provided a student voice on the Medical Centre @ RMIT stakeholder meetings. 

RUSU x RMIT Respect Community Art Project

RUSU and RMIT Student Life are creating a banner – in collaboration with hundreds of students and staff – that will symbolise strength and support for women*. 

RUSU President Ella Gvildys and Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean are championing this project together, which aims to promote respect at RMIT in a highly visible way.  

This ties into the recent RMIT and RUSU collaboration ‘Be the Change’ and RUSU's 'Be a Better Human' campaign focused on bringing about a culture of respect within our community 

Taking part in this project is designed to give a platform specifically to have conversations about the important issues of women’s safety and wellbeing while creating an art piece to reclaim space for women* on campus. 

*Female identifying and non-binary inclusive. 

RUSU Little Libraries and
Food Banks on your campus

RUSU are opening Little Libraries across the RMIT campuses to enable staff and students to donate and borrow books. Books will be accessible to everyone on campus, and we will encourage Little Library users to return the books once read, as well as donate unwanted books to the service.

Alongside the Little Libraries, RUSU is opening Food Bank cupboards across campus, to give students in need a chance to access free food on campus. This initiative follows the success of our Compass Cupboard food banks, and will remain open during selected hours for students to visit and take what they need.

Be The Change Campaign

RUSU representatives are passionate about creating a safe campus environment for everyone. RUSU President, Ella Gvildys, General Secretary, Aditya Sharma, and Women's Officer, Ma Beatrice Co, all featured in RMIT's university-wide 'Be The Change' campaign, that seeks to reduce sexual harm in the RMIT community, allowing all members of the RMIT community to feel supported, safe, secure and respected.

Be The Change encourages harm reduction measures, including bystander action, reduction in everyday sexism, involvement of peer groups, education and support.

Have Your Say Summit

RUSU and RMIT co-hosted the Have Your Say Summit featuring Martin Bean CBE, Vice-Chancellor and President of RMIT. This was a chance for emerging student leaders to come together, discuss ideas for innovative change, build networks and hear from senior leadership. The summit generated a number of great ideas that will be submitted to RMIT for consideration as part of ongoing student-driven initiatives at RMIT.

RUSU Multicultural Festival

Organising a student led Multicultural festival on campus was a RUSU Priority for 2019. In week 4 we celebrated the vast diversity of the RMIT student body with a multicultural festival on Bowen Street, including student clubs, cultural performances, music and free food.

Be a Better Human Campaign 

The campaign is called Be a Better Human, because we don’t just want it to be about what we shouldn’t do; we want it to be about self-improvement for everyone. And when we say ‘everyone’, we really do mean everyone. We’re encouraging everyone who is part of our campus community to take a moment and consider how we can ‘better’ our behaviour.

RUSU Student Life Awards

The 2019 RUSU Student Life Awards recognises student contributions to student life outside the classroom, and highlights the outstanding commitment to participation in university life. Whether it’s through services to volunteering, clubs, student mentorship, advocacy, sustainability champions, dedicated leadership and enthusiasm for student life on campus.


In 2018 we achieved the following...

  • Improved teaching standards regarding student assessment
  • Improved academic progress policy
  • Equitable Learning Service accessibility improvement
  • A review of policy and process regarding sexual harassment and assault at RMIT
  • Creating a more mental health friendly campus
  • More phone charging stations on all campuses (including Brunswick and Bundoora East)
  • Edible gardens at Brunswick and Bundoora
  • Affordable parking permits for Bundoora students
  • More international vending machines with a wider range of food option
  • Sanitary vending machines in accessible spaces

In 2017 we achieved the following...

  • Inclusion of an Indigenous Officer position in RUSU’s Regulations and appointment of the Union’s first Indigenous Officer, Jedda Rocha Costa.
  • Preservation of a number of Assessment Principles as the Assessment Policy was transferred to the new policy framework, safeguarding important appeal rights for students.
  • Inclusion of the recommendations of the Group Work Working Group in the new Assessment Process.
  • Working with DPVC Learning and Teaching for each College to develop a mechanism to ensure a three day response time when academics are contacted regarding extensions and/or special consideration.
  • Increased student access to University spaces, including a new activity space in NAS which is available to over one hundred RUSU clubs and departments.
  • Provision of safe and accessible Queer and Women’s lounges on the City campus.
  • Expansion of the AskRMIT Questions to include additional information on support services and to encompass topics such as sexual harassment and assault, mental health services and the Equitable Learning Service.
  • Compulsory PowerPoint slides on mental health and support services to be delivered by teaching staff during student orientation.