Welcome to Brunswick

Brunswick Department

Welcome to the Brunswick Department

Hello beautiful and creative Fashion & Textiles Students! Welcome to the RUSU Brunswick Department. Our vibrant, multicultural campus of Fashion and Textiles, with its spacious study area evokes creativity.  Brunswick is a comfortable and enjoyable space to work and chill. Brunswick campus encompasses creative students from many different backgrounds pursuing diverse fashion & textiles courses such as:

  • Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Technology
  • Bachelor of Fashion (Design)
  • Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Fashion (Design Technology)
  • Bachelor of Fashion (Enterprise)
  • Bachelor of Fashion (Merchandise Management)
  • Bachelor of Fashion and Textiles (Sustainable Innovation)
  • Bachelor of Textiles (Design)
  • Bachelor of Textiles (Design) (Honours)
  • Graduate Certificate in Fashion (Entrepreneurship)
  • Graduate Certificate in Textiles (Forensics)
  • Graduate Diploma of Fashion (Entrepreneurship)
  • Master of Fashion (Design)
  • Master of Fashion (Entrepreneurship)
  • Master of Design (Fashion & Textiles)
  • Master of Technology (Fashion & Textiles)
  • PhD (Fashion & Textiles​​​)

Also, keeping current COVID-19 safety measures in mind, the course structure is a blend of both offline and online lectures, tutorials and workshops.

RUSU Brunswick focusses on improving campus community and student engagement this year. We are working to host exciting events explicitly designed for Fashion and textiles students on and off campus for 2021. We have also created a Brunswick Campus Facebook and Instagram Page that gives regular updates and posts for Brunswick students. Although COVID-19 has put a halt to a lot of our on-campus plans for semester one, we remain an active department at RUSU, advocating for student rights, improving work integrated learning and supporting our students with required resources. We are here for you! If you ever see us on campus, feel free to come and say hi! And if you have any questions, student concerns or ideas on how to improve campus life – you can email me, or Brunswick rep and we’ll happily organise a meeting with you.

Here are more details regarding the fashion industry at RMIT and how you can be part of it now or in the future

Here are few links of student support resources which will help you through your academic journey at RMIT University.

RUSU Compass Drop-In Centre
RUSU Students Rights Service
RUSU Community Resources
Calm Zone
RMIT Connect
RMIT Job Shop
RMIT Mates

Join the RAFTS Club (RMIT Association of Fashion & Textile Students)

The RMIT Association of Fashion and Textile Students (RAFTS) aims to build a community for undergraduates, postgraduates, research and vocational students enrolled (or with an interest) in Fashion and Textiles. By providing a fashion and textile platform, connecting different fashion and textile programs we hope to achieve the goals of expanding social and business networks raising awareness of upcoming projects and assignments in different programs stimulating exchange of knowledge of different programs, and creating a meeting point for current and alumni students.

This semester, we plan to have small classes for masking making and a virtual talk/discussion with a sustainable stylist from Brunswick.


Become a RUSU Member

By becoming a financial member for the year, you ensure that the RUSU can continue to make a difference. RUSU is a not-for-profit organisation, so you can be sure that all monies raised go towards improving the lives of RMIT students - serving more students, more often.

Wishing you all the best with your studies and a wonderful year ahead!

Ambika Abhinandini
, RUSU Brunswick Coordinator, ambika.abhinandini@rmit.edu.au
Ravi Jain, 
RUSU Brunswick Representative, ravi.jain2@rmit.edu.au


Elyse Zoungas

Brunswick Coordinator


Jenny Pham

Brunswick Representative