Vote for RUSU Events and Services

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Vote for RUSU Events and Services

At RUSU we believe student money should be in student hands.
Ensure this happens with your vote!
Love free food, parties and student welfare/advocacy?
We need your vote to keep these in 2018!

RMIT University charges students an annual Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) which is used to improve services and amenities for students.
RUSU competes for funding grants each year to continue to provide many of the fantastic events, free food and services that students love and benefit from at every campus.
As a student, you get a say in where your SSAF money will go in 2018.

How to vote for RUSU Events and Services

  • Search your student email inbox for an email – From: RMIT Connect, Dene Cicci Subject: SSAF - Have Your Sa
  • Click on the Please complete the SSAF survey link.
  • You have 100 points to award to proposals. Award the whole 100 points to your favourite RUSU program OR share the 100 points between a few RUSU programs.
  • Vote for the proposals that start with ‘RUSU’!
  • ... unless you are Bundoora or Brunswick Students, to support our lunch time events and free food on your campuses look for Brunswick Campus Life Boost and Bundoora Campus Life Boost proposals.

Thank you for voting RUSU!
For students. By students.