No Fail Grades On Transcripts!

Shana Schultz


Yesterday afternoon RUSU President, Akshay Jose, and RUSU VE Officer and incoming General Secretary, Sheldon Gait, tabled a paper at Academic Board asking for endorsement of grading changes for semester two, 2021.

The proposed changes to grading would result in fail grades for semester two, 2021 being converted to 'Withdrawn' (WDR) grades. The paper was endorsed by academic board. The paper proposed the re-introduction of grading changes that were in place in 2020. RUSU is now working with RMIT to ensure that this support for students is as thorough and far reaching as possible.

RUSU felt it was important for RMIT to acknowledged that prolonged lockdown was not a situation in which students were expected to deliver learning outcomes that were representative of their overall level of ability. We hope that this change to grading will allow students to put lockdown behind them and focus on their future. We would like to thank all the academics that voted for the paper and opted to support students this semester.

We anticipate that more information will be available on the RMIT website shortly and we will keep students updated via our Facebook page.

If you would like to read RUSU's open letter to Academic Board members, it is available here.