2018 Clubs and Societies Special Events Grant Application Form

This form will be used to evaluate your grant proposal for a RUSU Special Event Grant of between $500 and $2000.
Please answer every question on this form and ensure that all documents are uploaded correctly.
If you want to apply for more than one SPEG (separate events requiring separtare grants to fund them), please submit a separate form for each application.
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee you will be granted this funding or, if you are successful, that you will receive the amount you applied for.  
ALSO: New Clubs (affiliated in 2018) are not eligible for this grant unless the application is a multi club application with older clubs. 

The focus of the SPEGs in 2018 is to assist with costs for the following:
City To Outer Campuses Events (City clubs running events in outer campuses)
On Campus Events Costs (for Security, Cleaners, Venue Managers, event equipment)
Large Annual Events (to assist in running events that clubs run annually)
New Large and/or Significant Events (for new events that will cater to a large number of students or for events of special significance)

Please provide us with as much info about your proposed event budget as possible. Check the Executive Resources Google Folder Finance Section for sample budgets & templates.

Please include the following costings in your budget proposal as well as any other relevant costs associated: Venue hire, catering, beverages, security, cleaning, audiovisual, promotional costs, performers/entertainment, decorations and volunteer costs as well as any income types.