RUSU Student Life Awards

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RUSU Student Life Awards

We want to recognise the outstanding contributions, big and small, that RMIT students make to university culture, outside the classroom. Open to all RMIT students: Clubs, volunteers, mentors, SSCC Reps, and the all the good people of our community, we want you! Scholarships prizes of $1000, $500 and $250 up for grabs.

Online applications are now open!
For more information or to apply online, head to

HURRY! Applications close July 30.


  • Determination to Learn
  • Learning Late in Life Award
  • Humanitarian Award
  • Best Club Initiative
  • Most Volunteer Hours
  • Team Player Award
  • SSCC Rep Champion Award
  • Most Charitable Student Award
  • Career Volunteer
  • Student Peer Supporter Award
  • Campus Safety Ambassador Award
  • Pathways Award
  • Outstanding Club Leader Award
  • Longest Standing RUSU Volunteer
  • Independent Worker
  • Advocacy Award
  • Student Carer Award
  • Resilience Award
  • Leader of the Year
  • Student Life Champion Award