Afghan Student Society


Our aims are:
• To provide opportunities for interaction and communication between Afghani Students at RMIT University regardless of their ethnicity, religion and culture.
• To establish a network of like-minded people to celebrate Afghani’s cultural heritage on various social events.
• To organise social events for RMIT University’s Afghani students to share our rich heritage with other RMIT University students and contribute to a multicultural campus environment.
• To assist Afghani students new to RMIT University by familiarising them with both support and services in RMIT University and outside the university.
• To promote the Afghani culture across all tiers of the university and create a sense of belonging for individuals from Afghanistan regardless of whether they are students, staff or academics.

Club activities will include:
1. Dari conversation classes
2. Celebrating Afghani cultural traditions
3. Celebrating Eid-al-Adha, Eid-al-Fitr(End of Ramadan), Hijra New Year
4. Share Afghani food.